Facts in Five – The Game of Knowledge

Facts in Five

The Game of Knowledge

3M Company – 1967 – 1-5 Players

Facts in Five is a trivia game. Five cards are drawn. Each card contains a “class” (such as “Living Celebrated Persons” or “Product Trade names”) and a list of “categories” (for the examples above some categories are American, Foreign, Male or Female and Soap, Candy, Wine or Beer). A category is selected for each class and the players note the five classes/categories on their score pads. Then, five letter tiles are drawn and the players note the letters on their pads as well.

A sand timer is then turned over and the players have five minutes to come up with a list of twenty five names or items. For each class/category that was selected they must come up with an example which starts with each of the letters which was chosen. After five minutes are up the score pads are checked and the player receives one point for each valid answer. Another five classes and letters are chosen and another round begins. After a pre-determined number of rounds the player with the highest total is the winner.

This is an interesting variant of a trivia game. It sounds easy but it can be surprisingly difficult to come up with answers, especially when the timer is running. What is even more fun is when the answers are reviewed; some people will come up with the most bizarre answers (which they will then try to defend). This is a good party game.

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