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Barbara Young at June 11, 2013 18:48 said:
Have High Bid in original shrink wrapping. It is marketable?
Scrubber59 at January 11, 2013 13:46 said:
Hi Dennis,Can you tell me how you opened up the playing surfaces on your Milton Bradley "Super Spy" Game in order to check out the internal components.My game does not work properly. The bell motor,wiring & battery contacts are Ok. All indications seem to be some type of corrosion of the internal metal disks or even the 2 sheet metal plates.I want to inspect & repair my game.Thank You Dennis.
Lori at November 29, 2011 02:01 said:
I need 4 yellow and 4 green ships for Bermuda Triangle board game....where can I get them?
Pam at September 24, 2011 11:47 said:
I have an unopened 3M Feudal board game. I haven't seen any offered thjat are like mine. Is this an unusal offering?
Harold Tdt@bigpond.net.au at April 17, 2011 08:10 said:
Does anybody know if quinto is available either as an iPad app or pc download. I have enjoyed the board game for about 40 years and am running out of playing mates, would like to play against a computer.
Rob Kennedy at February 23, 2011 09:50 said:
Hi Dennis...

Do you remember a fairly sturdy horse racing game from the mid-1970's that was played within a game box area where players shot a ball or somesuch toward a hole (much like an arcade game) and your horse advanced down the straight track each time you made one as the horses were mechanically connected and moved when the ball was returned. (There were strong strings under the track connected to the horses, simple mechanical design...tons of fun as you raced the others). It took about 10-12 shots to get your horse to the end. There may have been wagering, etc. because it was more fun than what I've described here. I remember it being a name brand...I thought even Skittles racing or somesuch. I see Win, Place or Show which sounds like it, but, there is no mechanical advancing in that one. Thanks. Rob Kennedy.... Rob_Kennedy@baylor.edu
Jean Young at October 17, 2010 22:37 said:
Have lost 2 tiles from Upwords game-the combination Qu and an O.
How can I replace them please?
My email is brucejean@xtra.co.nz
mary at January 3, 2010 09:32 said:
i have a 1968 foil game.anybody interested in making an offer?
holdhero@comcast.net at September 13, 2009 23:25 said:
Looking for the rules to Bazaar...a discovery toy game. any help is appreciated.

Thanks much
Tom Roberts at May 22, 2009 12:04 said:
Great site, you've bben book marked!
I'm looking for a copy of the rules for Ravensburger's Enchanted Forest, I checked D'Antiques with no luck. Can you help?

Mary Franklin at April 16, 2009 08:30 said:
I bought a Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set at a yard sale. Two pieces are missing. I made temporary pieces, but I would like to replace them with the original pieces. Do you know where I can get these pieces? If not, I guess I will throw away the set. Thank you.
Jean Klein at February 8, 2009 23:11 said:
My brothers and I loved to play Power Barons as kids. I still have our copy and amazingly all its pieces. The only thing I don't have are the rules. I don't remember all of them and would love to play again. I did check the D'antiques site but did not see this game listed. Do you have a copy of the rules you could send me, or know where I could look?

Paul Patterson at January 22, 2009 13:36 said:
I have VERY used copies of Foil, Jumpin, Quinto, Chess, Breakthru, Facts in Five,Phlounder, Feudal, Twixt and Challenge Bridge. Please-mail if interested

bob in bama at December 31, 2008 14:57 said:
I'm looking for the name of an old board game from the 70's. Early 70's I think. All I remember is it had cards with cartoonish people on it. Any ideas?
Duncan, Coastaljoinery@bellsouth.net at November 30, 2008 13:56 said:
I own a copy of Bazaar, but have no score sheets. The rules are inside the cover, but refer to the score sheets for scoring values. Can you help with a picture of a score sheet? thank-you, Duncan
JOseph M. Buena at August 26, 2008 06:06 said:
Where can I buy a Quinto board game
JOseph M. Buena at August 26, 2008 06:03 said:
Where can I buy a Quinto board game
Liz, vegasrules@mailinator.net at February 10, 2008 08:58 said:
Hi, I'd love to get a copy of the rules to Vegas. Thanks!
chris, cseiter@gmail.com at December 4, 2007 11:54 said:
Wonderful site. My dad had a few of these when I was growing up: Twixt, Feudal, and Breakthru. I'm trying to start a collection myself. This gives me a good place to start.
Dennis, The Gamepiler at October 23, 2007 09:28 said:
Check the list of on-line sellers at the top of this page or the "Links" link in the left sidebar for a list of places where you can find older games.
ED at edonnas@comcast.net at October 22, 2007 15:55 said:
Where can I find the board game by 3M TRYCE.
Dennis, The Gamepiler at October 15, 2007 12:53 said:
I have heard of the version of Wide World with the plastic overlay but have never seen one myself. You might check with the sites linked above; I know D'Antiques has a large selection of game rules on-line and the person behind Games Gone By has written several books on vintage games; they may have or know of a source for the rules.
Franck at October 13, 2007 22:05 said:
Do you have a rule of Wide World Travel GAme from Parker Bros. I have game with plastic weather. Do you have rule of the edition board with overlay (weather in plastic move during the game). The first edition did not have this weather.
Thank you

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