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Yvonne at January 7, 2014 13:25 said:
Thanks for this site. We just bought Dogfight from a 2nd hand store but with no rules. My boys, 7 & 9, and I are going to have fun shooting each other out of the sky!
Mark at May 29, 2013 22:07 said:
You should review King Oil. It was another great game from 1974, only to be issued once.
Damian at February 4, 2013 07:50 said:
For those who are into Alex Scarrow's TimeRiders series of books, there is a FREE "print your own" TimeRiders - The Unofficial Board Game to be had. It's in PDF format and contains everything needed to play the game.

FREE TimeRiders board game:

No fees, no catches, no registration required, just a completely FREE game.
TobyK at August 6, 2011 13:10 said:
I have three games to sell, Executive Decision, 1971, Acquire, 1976 and Lie, Cheat & Steal, 1971. If interested please send offer to
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Leon at May 11, 2011 13:02 said:
I have a small problem
Does anyone have a copy of the Rules for Time Wars
I cant Find mine and after reading Time Riders I want to play the Game again

The Photo Copy Rules I made ages a go are so feint you cant even read them

If Someone could scan and Email them to me I would appreciate it
I have many old SPI and Avalon Hill Games to sell as well as Yaquinto Games
Contact me for more information on same email address
Eric Knox at September 18, 2010 13:44 said:
Where have you guys been? You state that board games are a vanishing breed even though there is a renaissance in euro/designer games. Just check the over 40 thousand reviews/free expansions/geeklists/pictures/movies/extra rules etc... on Boring/long/gimmicky/party games are on their way out. Perhaps, since you can't get good games at walmart or toys'are'us, it may seem that boardgames are vanishing but it's just that you need a hobby/gaming store or go on line to find the good stuff. Some of the funnest games you might try are ticket to ride, carcassonne, citadels, memoir'44, puerto rico, race for the galaxy, agricola, twilight struggle, power grid, battlestar galactica-and the list goes on. Happy gaming!
richard kaiser at February 10, 2009 21:28 said:
Is there a game like trionimos but with dots, not numbers. Please respond to


Richard Kaiser
Trev at September 24, 2008 08:00 said:
I can\'t agree with your comment that board games are a vanishing breed. This is a real spring time for board games. The number of publishers, designers and players has been steadily rising for at least a decade and some board games are even finding their way into mainstream shops like ToysRUs and Waterstones.

Have a look at this link to see some of this year\'s new releases announced at the Nuremberg game fair (keep clicking on the \'Next Page\' link to see it all):

There has never been a better time to be a board gamer (except that we tend to be spending more than ever on these marvellous new designs).

Trev8924 (at) clanfork [dot] co [dot] uk
Claudia at August 5, 2008 20:43 said:
Can someone give me info on where I can purchase the "In Pursuit of Nothing" board game? I tried EBay no luck!! I need it!!

please email me at:
Brian in Fargo at August 4, 2008 20:00 said:
Two of my favorite boardgames were "Solar Quest" (Monopoly-like game based on planets and moons in the solar system) and "Tactics II" (a wargame using tiles)

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