Prize Property - The Land Development Game

Prize Property

The Land Development Game

Milton Bradley - 1974
2 - 4 Players; Ages 9 - Adult


Prize Property is a land development game; the descendant of the early '60s game Square Mile and the ancestor of the mid '80s game Hotels. In Prize Property the players are land developers who are attempting to reclaim wasteland and develop it into a luxury resort.

At the start of the game all property is "unimproved". It is still wasteland; garbage dumps, landfills, swamp, quarries and the like. The property must first be improved then the player is allowed to build resorts on the improved area. Each player is working on one quadrant of the board. Each quadrant contains three sections of property to improve and each section has three resorts that can be built on it.

Each turn the player rolls a die for income. They can then improve a property or build a resort on an improved property. They then draw an "Opportunity" card. Opportunity cards can be good (A golf tournament is held at your resort) or bad (you are fined for failing environmental cleanup). The player also has the opportunity to buy "Town Meeting" cards.

Town Meeting cards are either "Legal Action" or "Defense". Whenever a player builds a resort, after they have paid for it but before it is placed on the board other players may play Legal Action cards. The player may then play up to four Defense cards. The game comes with a special "mallet" with a removable head and a hollow handle with an opening at the end of the handle. For every Legal Action card a red marble is placed in the mallet. For every Defense card a green marble is placed. The mallet is then shaken with the handle up then turned over so that a marble falls into the opening. If a green marble is showing the building is built. A red marble means the construction of the building was blocked.

There are nine types of resorts which can be built; a Tennis and Swim Club, Marina, Camp Ground, Golf Course, Health Spa, Dude Ranch, Resort Hotel, Casino and Night Club and a Ski and Mountain Lodge. The first player to build all nine resorts is the winner.


The best part of Prize Property is its components. The buildings are nice three dimensional models which gives the game a good look as it develops. Unimproved property is also nicely done, as each section consists of an overlay showing garbage dumps and run down buildings which is removed to show the nicely manicured grounds of the resorts. The use of the mallet for the legal actions is a nice touch. The game itself is highly dependent on luck, the only strategy really only involves the purchase and play of the Town Meeting cards, and it probably would get boring after a while but it does look nice and could be fun for the occasional game.

11 comments on Prize Property:

Helena at January 24, 2012 13:14 said:
Yeah, this game goes for a new generation.

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Giarte at January 4, 2012 12:34 said:
loved this game way back when.
my copy got thrown out. years latter, found it on ebay. nephew found it in the store room. I taught him, and my nieces to play. They love it, and play whenever they come over.
it goes on for a new generation.
pity they don't make it any more.
mariah at September 7, 2010 00:56 said:
i relly love this game
sarah at September 7, 2010 00:55 said:
hi i am losting the building what could i do?
maria at September 7, 2010 00:51 said:
hi i am wondering if you could let us all play with these games at June 5, 2010 14:15 said:
Hi, I am looking for the instructions to this game???
zeeplane at March 17, 2010 11:19 said:
there is a prize property now on Ebay..
Mark L. at October 5, 2008 16:20 said:
This is an excellent example of what Milton Bradley was putting out in the 70's... fun, easy to play games!!

For anyone looking to pick up a copy... they usually have some up for auction over on E-Bay!!
john disney at September 14, 2008 19:33 said:
i have this game. missing two buildings. and most of all the rules. hope you can help. willing to buy a whole new game. friends love this game had it in a old other game explains why i couldnt find name untill i saw name on game board
can anyone help at March 10, 2008 21:15 said:
i'm looking for a dice for the game... it has a 1, 2, 3 and red dot on it?
Prize property at January 31, 2008 15:07 said:
HI, I am interested in finding a copy of the game prize property. Do you have any suggestions on where I can find and purchase this game? Thank You, Kim

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