Airline - A World of Fun and Danger


...a World of Fun and Danger

Mulgara - 1985
1 - 6 Players; Ages 10 - Adult


In Airline the players are airline pilots trying to get their passengers to their destination. To do so, they must follow their flight plan and passenger manifest as well as directions from air traffic control and their airline.

Each player starts at their home city (Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Honolulu, London or Paris). They first fly from their city to New York where they pick up a Flight Plan card and a Passenger Manifest card. These cards dictate how they must get their passengers back to their home city. (There are four passenger tokens each representing a group of 50 passengers.)

The Flight Plan and Passenger Manifest cards are the heart of the game. Passenger Manifests say things like "you may only fly your passengers out of New York in two loads" or "you may only carry groups out one at a time". Flight plans are things like "Take one group to Sydney then one group to London. Take remaining passengers from New York to your home base then return for other passengers" . These two cards are displayed face up in front of the players and they must abide by the restrictions on these cards during play.

As the players move around the board from city to city they may land on Air Traffic Control (ATC) or Airline spaces. In this case, they must draw an appropriate card and follow the instructions. For example, an Airline card might read "Company requires you to slow down, they're not ready for your arrival. Miss turn or go back one space." A sample ATC card reads "Hold in Tokyo Holding Pattern. Move there now and play on from there next turn". Other spaces add problems like hijackings, high winds and (of course) crashes.

The first player to get all of their passengers to their home airport is the winner.


This is an interesting game. There is a lot of airline flavor in playing the game (and anyone who has ever flown has felt like their New York to London flight is in a holding pattern over Rome, which can happen in the game) but too much of the game comes down to luck; both in rolling the die and drawing the cards. Still, it can be fun to play.

I really like the box art on this one, by the way.

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Aiman at September 17, 2010 06:07 said:
I wanna play this game
Dennis at January 5, 2010 14:01 said:
They're here, in PDF format
michael at January 1, 2010 16:48 said:
How do we get a copy of the rules? We have the original game board.

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