Fu Manchu's Hidden Horde - A Doctor Fu Manchu Mystery Game

Fu Manchu's Hidden Horde

A Doctor Fu Manchu Mystery Game

Ideal's Famous Mystery Classics Series
Ideal - 1968
2 - 4 Players


In Fu Manchu's Hidden Horde the players are treasure hunters attempting to find where the arch criminal Fu Manchu has hidden his treasure. The treasure is hidden in a random location which is determined by the players as they play.

The game uses a board and cards. There are two sections of the board; a track around the outside and a map area on the inside. Each player has two markers, one of which is placed on each section of the game board. The players take turns rolling the die and advancing around the outer track. When they land on one of the clue spaces they can determine information about where the treasure is hidden.

There are five types of clue; the Start Clue, the First Landmark, the Second Landmark, the Direction and the Final Clue. There are eight cards for each of the clues but only one of them is valid. The players determine which cards are valid by asking questions and rolling the die.

For example, the Start Clue can be written on blue paper or on white paper, it can be written in red or in black and it can be in one piece or two pieces. There are eight possible combinations of these three pairs and there is one start clue card for each.

The player may ask a question like "Is the Start Clue written in red?". They then roll the die. If the result is an odd number the answer is "No" and they know the Start Clue is written in black. If it is even the answer is "Yes" adn the Start Clue is in red. Either way, they can eliminate half the Start Clue cards. After three questions they can determine which Start Clue is the valid one. The same thing is done for each of the other four clues.

When a player thinks they know where the treasure is hidden they move their piece on the inside of the board until it is standing on the square the treasure is in. They then announce they have found the treasure. That player stops playing but the others continue until they think they have found the treasure's location. The first player to arrive at the correct location is the winner.


This is a fascinating game. It is a logic puzzle disguised as a game but what makes it interesting is that the puzzle is created by the players as the game is played. The mixture of randomly moving around along with the cards in each player's hand adds an element of chance and keeps the game from getting too predictable.

There are three other games in Ideal's "Mystery Classics Series", these based on Sherlock Holmes, Ellery Queen and Agatha Christie.

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cindy at September 20, 2013 12:57 said:
I just purchased this game from HWoolf. The game was in great condition and excellent packaging. She has many other rare games and would definitely recommend checking here for whatever you're looking for.
HWoolf at July 21, 2013 13:25 said:
I have one, but honestly have no idea what it is worth. It is in good condition, no missing pieces and some shelf wear on the box? If you have any idea, please email me at hjj134@mocs.utc.edu
karen at December 16, 2009 10:57 said:
I'm interested in purchasing this game, anyone know where to find one?
Fantabulously Found at November 23, 2008 10:44 said:
We have this game for sale and it is complete and in good condition if you, or anyone, is still interested. You can contact us at fantabulousfinds@hotmail.com or check us out on ebay at jingles30303.
cheech at November 22, 2007 21:07 said:
i like to play this game.. almost as much as i like to play the bongos. but not as much as the graveyard.
Dennis, The Gamepiler at November 1, 2007 09:24 said:
I do not have any for sale myself, but you can check the FAQs and Links links in the left sidebar for a list of places where you can find older games on-line.
Laura C at October 31, 2007 20:00 said:
Are any of these board games for sell? I would like to buy a Fu Manchu's Hidden Horde game for my sister (who played it qute alot when she was young). Thanks.

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