Situation 7 - Parker Brothers' Space Puzzle Game

Situation 7

Parker Brothers' Space Puzzle Game

Parker Brothers - 1969
2 - 4 Players


Situation 7 is a puzzle and a game in one. The game consists of two identical puzzles in different shades (one blue and one purple). Players start by placing their edge piece on the planet on their side of the board. They then start building their puzzles as fast as possible with the restriction that every piece they place on the puzzle must connect to one of their pieces which is already on the board.

As they expand their puzzles they will complete planets and space stations. Points are awarded at the end of the game for owning complete planets as well as complete "sectors". The players also have three special facilities; the rocket base, the satellite base and the astronaut base. Astronauts defend territory by preventing their opponents from playing any piece which would connect to the piece on which the astronaut is sitting. Rockets and satellites allow the players to connect pieces to their opponent's puzzle instead of their own.

Play continues until the entire puzzle is completed. The player with the most territory, sectors and planets is the winner.


The puzzle which makes up the majority of the game is not difficult as puzzles go but having to assemble it fast brings a new dimension to puzzle building and the fact that the puzzle is circular makes it slightly more difficult. The puzzle adds a strategy element to the game; should you build as fast as possible and go for the most territory or should you concentrate on trying to build the special facilities for the additional points? Hand-eye coordination and pattern recognition are a must with this game.

This is the second game in the series. The first was called Situation 4 which took place on a battlefield with the players trying to assemble their puzzles to gain control of airfields and refineries and with the special facilities being tanks and paratroopers.

And we have more classic box art as well. Once again Mom is getting really into the game. I should comment on the sweater Dad is wearing, but I won't.

6 comments on Situation 7:

Anonymous at July 13, 2013 22:00 said:
I'm selling this game on ebay right now :)
Mike at December 6, 2012 11:53 said:
Any suggestion on how to obtain this game, either 4 or 7 or both? I remember playing it as a kid (who knows where ours went, probably worn it out!).
WonsWorld at June 30, 2012 07:43 said:
I had this game back in the 60's and just got a copy of it again on eBay for a reasonable amount and it was in near mind condition. I am a happy man LOL. It was an awesome game and still is.. the space race in your own home !! at February 12, 2009 11:53 said:
Please let me know whether or not these situation games/puzzles are ever going to become available online.
Perhaps they will be made into computer games to purchase at computer stores. But online would be better. And for old time sake if one could be purchased somewhere in a game store, etc. Thank you.
Richard at November 23, 2008 18:08 said:
My grandmother bought me this game in the late 1960s. I always enjoyed it. Later when I had kids, they found it in my parents' attic. They enjoyed it as well. We eventually took it with us, and I still have it.
Ryan at July 22, 2008 19:56 said:
This is the best game ever! I am only this game is really really old but my friend's grandparents had it so we played it. It was soooo much fun, I had to come home and google it.

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