Dune - Relive the Legend; Fulfill the Prophecy


Relive the Legend; Fulfill the Prophecy

Parker Brothers - 19842 - 4 Playrs; Ages 10+

The game Dune is based on the movie of the same name which was, in turn, based on the Frank Herbert novel. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the other players.

Each player represents one of the factions from the movie; the Atreides, the Harkonnen, the Fremen and the Emperor. In the game the players are represented by three characters from their faction. The characters move around the board representing the planet Dune.

Whenever two characters from different factions are on the same space they fight each other. Each character has a "strength" rating and the player rolls a number of dice equal to their character's strength. Each player selects the die they rolled with the highest value. The player with the highest roll wins the round and the strength of the losing character is reduced by one. The battle continues until one character has their strength reduced to zero. That character is out of the game. The winning character has their strength increased by one and gains all of the losing character's equipment.

Equipment adds to a character's strength or gives advantages to that player's faction. Equipment can be gained by defeating an opponent in combat or by purchasing it with "spice". Players gain spice by using "harvesters". They can also "invest" their spice in an attempt to get a payoff.

Play continues until only one faction has any characters remaining. The player controlling that faction is the winner.


The best part of the Dune game is its components. The character cards have full portraits of all of the major characters from the movie. There are lots of plastic parts, like the "rings" which represent the characters, the spice and the harvesters. It also uses 8 sided dice; common in role playing games but not often seen in board games. The game does not play much like the movie (in the movie the Fremen were allied with the Atreides and the Emperor with the Harkonnen) but it is still an interesting game which has some of the flavor of the movie.

The rings used for the characters first appeared in the game Shadowlord. This explains the holes around the edge of the rings. (They held "spaceships" in the Shadowlord game.)

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Doctor Xombie at November 19, 2007 01:10 said:
This is an excellent game. I have spent MANY hours playing this fun game.

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