Square Mile - Land Development Game

Square Mile

Land Development Game

Milton Bradley - 1962
2 - 4 Players; Ages 12 - Adult


Square Mile is a game of land development. The players are developers who are building a city in what was once a wilderness area.

he game board represents an area of land divided into 16 tracts each one square mile in size. The game starts with the players "zoning" the land. First, a railroad is placed running across the board. The areas adjoining the railroad are then zoned "Industrial". The players then zone the remaining areas as either "Residential" or "Commercial". Each player is then given one tract of land for free then they are allowed to bid for other tracts.

Once the players have finished bidding for tracts the game begins. Each turn, a player may sell tracts to the bank, develop tracts they own, or buy tracts from the bank.

Tracts must be developed in several stages. First, the roads surrounding the tract must be built. Where the road crosses the river, bridges must be used. Once the surrounding roads are complete, a road grid is build within the tract subdividing it into subdivisions. Finally, once the road grid is in place, buildings may be build in the tract. Depending on the zoning of the tract, the players may build Factories, Businesses, Apartments, Houses, Schools or Churches. Players may perform only one type of building during their turn.

The value of a tract when it is bought or sold depends on the level of development of the tract. The further along it is in development the more it is worth.

Play continues until one player buys the last unowned tract (which can be at any level of development). The players then total up their net worth based on their cash on hand and the value of the tracts of land they own. The player with the highest net worth is the winner.


This game is surprisingly detailed for its age. Players are continually buying and selling tracts to the bank as they attempt to maximize their net worth. Outside of the inital layout of the board and the one free tract given to each player there is no luck involved, it depends only on the business savy of the player. (For added challenge, the game comes with a complete second set of tract cards which can be used to randomize the layout of the board.) The game also has an amazing number of parts, from roads and road grids to buildings, player ownership markers, zoning cards and tract cards. While somewhat environmentally incorrect by modern standards (several of the tracts show forest and animals which are obviously being destroyed or displaced by the development) it is still an interesting game which has held up well over the last forty years.

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sxmcmurry@yahoo.com at November 22, 2007 21:36 said:
I would like to buy and play this game again. where can i get it. also where can i get summit, and wide world, - all from the 60's

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