Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure

The Electronic Deep Sea Diving Game

Parker Brothers - 1982
2-4 Players - Ages 8 to Adult
(This is the Canadian version of the game, in both English and French)


In Lost Treasure the players are treasure hunters looking for sunken treasure. The players move their boats around the board and use the "Electronic Dive Control Center" to determine where the treasure is relative to their boat. When they have located the treasure the Dive Control Center runs the dive, letting the player know how much air their divers have left and how much treasure they have found. When the player has reached the surface with the treasure they must get it back to shore and the bank before the other players intercept them and pirate it away.


By the early 1980s computer chips had become common enough that game manufacturers were including them in their game designs. Lost Treasure is an example of one of these games. The player moves their boat then enters their location into the Dive Control Center. The Dive Control Center then indicates if the treasure is to the east or to the west of the player's boat (or to the north or south). Eventually the players can determine where the treasure is located. The player then dives for the treasure by holding the dive button down. The longer they hold the button the more treasure they pick up but the more air their divers use. If they use up all of their air before they release the button then all of the treasure is lost.

While the Electronic Dive Control Center is an interesting gimmick it can't disguise the fact that the game is heavily reliant on luck. A player who happens to start near the treasure can get to it and clean it out before the other players can get near it. There is no real strategy or planning involved; the entire extent of planning consists of deciding to dive for silver or gold (or if you simply want to wait around and pirate it away from another player after they have gotten it). All players jointly cooperate in finding the treasure but are immediately at each other when it is found.

Lost Treasure is an interesting idea for a game, but in this case the execution of the idea does not live up to its promise.

6 comments on Lost Treasure:

Afzk at July 28, 2013 07:55 said:
Just need a copy of the directions for this game. My grandmunchkin is dying to learn to play it.
quirkyshop at October 16, 2011 19:07 said:
Im selling this game on ETSY.com for 19.99 if anyone wants it check out quirkyshop. Thanks
Michael at October 21, 2010 23:49 said:
You have done me a great service. I bought this game used when my son was about 9. He and his friend born on the same day on opposite sides of the globe LOVED it. That was 12 years ago, and it among other things, has been lost. He is getting married in December, and the one gift he wants for his wedding--is this game. Neither of us could remember the name--though we did remember the basics. Thank you.
NatureDomer at February 21, 2009 20:38 said:
Awesome game--loved it as a kid, playing with my parents, love it as an adult playing it with my kids.

See the full review here: http://www.yourcommunityblog.com/GameSmith/143/Game+Review%3A+Lost+Treasure.html
Mark at December 20, 2008 21:38 said:
I was just looking for this game at my parents place. I'm not sure if we have it any longer. I really enjoyed the game.
anna maria at December 13, 2007 22:21 said:
this game rocks!

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