Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter

The Science Fiction Game for Everyone

Eon Products - 1978
2-6 Players


In Cosmic Encounter each player takes the part of an alien species attempting to achieve galactic domination. Each player starts controlling five "planets" in a single "solar system". The system is identified by a disk of a particular color, and the player receives 20 tokens of the same color which are distributed on the planets in the system. Each player also receives a hand of seven cards. The cards may be "attack" cards (which contain a numerical value), "compromise" cards or "edict" cards (special event cards which may effect one or more players).

On a player's turn, the player first flips over the top disk on the "destiny pile". The player must attack a planet in the star system matching the color on the destiny pile. They do this by first positioning the "hyperspace cone" to point at one of the planets in the chosen system. They then place tokens from their planets onto the open end of the cone. The attacker may then call for "offensive allies". Players which choose to join the attack place their tokens in the open end of the cone as well. The defender may then call for "defensive allies". These players place tokens on the disk at the bottom end of the cone.

Both attacker and defender then select cards from their hands and reveal them. If both cards are attack cards the number on the card is added to the number of tokens on that side of the battle. If the attacker wins all defending tokens are sent to the "warp" (the open area in the center of the board) and the attacking tokens are moved to the planet which was attacked. If the defenders win all attacking tokens go to the warp and the defender keeps the planet. Winning defensive allies may retrieve previously lost tokens from the warp or draw extra cards from the deck.

If both cards are compromise cards then all tokens are returned to their original planets and the two players have one minute to work out a deal with each other. If one card is an attack and the other is a compromise then the compromise loses automatically but the player who played it gets to retrieve tokens from the warp or draw cards from the deck as consolation. Play continues until one player has tokens on five planets outside of their home system.

The basic mechanics are quite simple but what makes the game unique is that each species has a different ability. This means there is a special rule for each. For example; the Amoeba can move its tokens at will. The Macron's tokens are worth four each. The Laser forces its opponent to draw their attack card at random. The Trader can trade cards with their opponent. And so on. Add to this eight expansion sets, all of which added more special rules (new powers, "moons", "lucre" and so on) and the game becomes different with every playing.

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Anonymous at November 6, 2008 20:37 said:
This game doesn't leave stagnation as an option.Why?

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