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Game of the Week

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NBC At Home Entertainment/Hasbro - 1969
2 Players


Game of the Week is a game of baseball. The players represent the batter (when batting) and the pitcher (when pitching) as well as choosing how the fielders will play each batter.

The game is played on a board representing a baseball field. On the field are printed a series of lines; straight lines radiating out from the plate and concentric arcs centering on the plate. At the intersection of each line there is a dot. These dots are where the fielders are placed and indicate where a hit ball will land.

All of the fielders are placed in position on the board. Then, the batter and pitcher each select a card. Pitch cards indicate if the pitch will be high or low, inside or outside, or if it will be a fastball, curve or slider. The batter cards indicate if the batter will take the pitch without swinging, swing high or low, or try for a bunt. If there is a runner on base the batter can play a Steal card, which the pitcher may have countered by playing a Pick Off card.

Both cards are revealed and the type of pitch and the type of swing are compared to determine the result. This can be a hit, walk or strikeout. A walk sends the batter to first and advances the other runners if necessary. Strikeouts bring in the next batter and outs end the inning.

If a hit is indicated then a spinner is consulted. Batters are ranked as weak, average or strong hitters and are either left or right handed. This information is considered when reading the spinner. The spinner is used twice; once to determine the direction of the ball and once to determine distance. This places the ball at one of the dots on the board.

The results of the hit depend on the distance the ball lands from the nearest fielder. Results can be singles, doubles, triples or home runs, or fly outs or thrown outs. Special rules cover double plays, hit and runs and sacrifices as well as things like runners tagging up after a fly out.

Scoring is as in regulation baseball and the player with the most runs after 9 innings have been played is the winner.


This is not a bad baseball game. The batters are well differentiated and there are plenty of options for both the batter and the pitcher to choose. Being able to select the fielders positions allows players to play different batters according to their strengths. The results of play also look like those of a real game, with players hitting into double plays or flying out just when a hit was needed. The only real complaints I have with the game are that stealing seems a bit too easy and the teams are a bit too bland and generic. Still, this is one of the better baseball games.

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chris 11/02/2012 at November 3, 2012 00:15 said:
does anyone have the instructions for this. i purchased and the instructions were not there.
Bryan D. at October 6, 2008 11:25 said:
I Have this game for sale, and its in amazing condition with all the peices. If your interested email me at

Brian at January 16, 2008 10:39 said:
Where can I find this game? I am 45 and I LOVED playing this as a kid.

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