Vegas - Land of Rising Real Estate Values and Gaming


Land of Rising Real Estate Values and Gaming

NBC At Home Entertainment/Hasbro - 1969
2-6 Players


In Vegas the players are investment tycoons who are purchasing and operating casinos in Las Vegas. But, the lure of gaming may be too much for them and they may lose all of their investments in the casinos of their opponents.

Players take turns rolling dice and advancing around the board. When they land on an unowned casino they may purchase it. Once they own a casino they may purchase "tax stamps" for it. A casino that has at least one tax stamp it is open for gaming.

When a player lands on an owned property with a tax stamp the player and the owner must play the house game with each other. There are four house games; slots, roulette, craps and blackjack. The amount they must wager is determined by the number of tax stamps on the casino. The loser must pay the winner. Remember, of course, that the house always has the advantage (just like in the real Vegas). The winner is the last player remaining after all of the others have gone bankrupt.


Vegas is in many ways another Monopoly variant but one with a distinct flavor of its own. The casinos are like the properties from Monopoly with the tax stamps taking the place of houses and hotels. But the gambling aspect takes it beyond Monopoly and adds another layer of complexity. A very interesting hybrid game.

This is another game whose box art I find quite amusing. Just look at how excited the couple in the background is! And just what is the older woman in the foreground sitting on?

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Bryan at December 9, 2012 08:32 said:
Would you mind emailing me a scan of the rules as well? I'd be most appreciative! Thanks!
doug at April 26, 2012 19:24 said:
I can scan and email my copy of the rules.
gamer at April 1, 2010 10:54 said:
Anyone know where to get the rules scanned I would greatly appreciate the help.
Skip at February 28, 2010 07:36 said:
You wouldn't happen to know where I could get a download of the rules for this game would you?

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