Rhyme Time - The Word Game That Fascinates

Rhyme Time

The word game that fascinates

NBC At Home Entertainment/Hasbro - 1969
2+ Players


Rhyme Time is a party game of, well, rhyming. At the start of each round one player draws a card, selects one of the ten words on the card (words like Troth, Underlay or Trapeze and reads it aloud. Each player then announces how many words they think they can come up with that rhyme with the selected word. The player with the highest "bid" wins and is the rhymer for that round. The rhymer then has one minute (on a sand timer) to write down all of the rhymes they can. If they are able to write the correct number of words then they win a number of points equal to their bid. If they fail to write the correct number they lose that many points. The first player to reach 500 points wins.

In the case of a dispute, the game comes with an official rhyme dictionary for all of the words.

The trick to this game would seem to be the ability to write fast. It would probably be easy to name more words than it is possible to write down in sixty seconds.

This is also another of those games that, once the players know the rules, the game itself is no longer necessary. A commercial rhyme dictionary can provide the list of words just as well as the game. Its an interesting concept for a game but I can't see it holding anyone's interest long enough for them to reach 500 points.

Once again I must comment on the box art. Look at the family on the cover (at least, I assume it's a family.) Mom looks confused, Dad looks bored and the girl looks angry at having to play this game. But apparently they're so into this game that they're playing it on the walls of their house.

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