It Takes Two - The Exciting New Couples Game

It Takes Two

The Exciting New Couples Game

NBC At Home Entertainment/Hasbro - 1970
2 - 8 Players


It Takes Two is a trivia game for couples (but can be played by any two person team). Each round a trivia question is read to both teams. The questions are slightly different from most trivia games in that the answers to the questions are always numeric. (For example, one question might be "What is the area of Manhattan Island in square miles?") Each member of the team, without conferring with their partner, writes down their answer.

When all of the answers are in the team compares notes and computes the average of their two answers. The correct answer is then revealed and the team whose average was the closest to the correct answer is the winner for that round.

For winning each round a team gets "$100". The first team to reach $1000 is the winner.

This is an interesting variation on a trivia game. The number of questions which come with the game are fairly limited but they can easily be supplemented (and brought up to date) with a copy of the World Almanac or similar book. Using the average of the answers for the two team members for the team's answer is also an interesting mechanic. A potentially fun trivia type game.

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