Chain Letters - Don't Break the Word Chain

Chain Letters

Don't Break the World Chain

NBC At Home Entertainment/Hasbro - 1969
2+ Players


Chain Letters is a word game. The game starts by drawing a card. A "key word" (such as "sports", "trademarks" or "desserts") is then randomly selected from the card. The first player then has one minute to write a word on the board that relates to the key word. After they have written their word (or have passed) the next player gets one minute to write a word, with the restriction that the new word must start with the last letter of the previous word. Play continues until no player is able to come up with more words or when all of the spaces on the board are filled in (and the last word must fit on the board exactly). The round is scored and another card drawn to start the next round.

Players score five points for every letter in their words. The player who entered the last word gets a 10 point bonus; 25 points if the word ended on the last space on the board. The first player to reach 200 points is the winner.

While an interesting idea Chain Letters is overpackaged as a game. The plastic playing board could easily be replaced by a sheet of graph paper and the key words could be picked from a dictionary. Still, it should be fun as a party game with a good mix of players.

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