Blue Line Hockey

Blue Line Hockey

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company - 1969
2 Players


Blue Line Hockey is a hockey simulation. Players take the role of coaches and attempt to lead their team to victory. The game is played following the rules of hockey. There are three periods and each period consist of 10 "series".

At the start of each period the players roll dice to see who wins the opening faceoff. Each player is now allowed to move each of their players. A player can move once per series and moves a number of squares equal to a die roll. A player may also "pass" the puck to other players on their team.

The opposing player may attempt to steal the puck by moving one of their players through the player with the puck. Dice are rolled to determine if the attempt is successful. If they are unsuccessful, they may incur a penalty. If the player succeeds in stealing the puck a new series begins.

The player with the puck may attempt a shot on goal. To do so, they select a "Shot on Goal" card which indicates if they are aiming for the left, center or right of the net. The opposing player then places their goalie to the left, center or right. The player making the shot then reveals their card, rolls dice and consults the calculator (a slide-rule type device) to determine the result.

A new series starts whenever all of the players on one team have moved, a player steals the puck from another player, a shot on goal is attempted or a penalty occurs. When 10 series have been completed a period is over. The player with the highest score after three periods is the winner.


Blue Line Hockey is a fairly accurate simulation of hockey. It is appropriately fast paced and the results seem to have the right feel. Penalties occur with what seems to be the right frequency. About the only thing missing is the fights that seem to be a mandatory part of the sport. This is another good addition to the 3M sports lineup.

5 comments on Blue Line Hockey:

Dzrrick B. at August 21, 2010 13:50 said:
This in response to George's Question. I bought this ghame at a garage sale a few years ago in perfect condition, the last time I looked it up it was worth about $35-$40.
George at June 7, 2010 10:58 said:
I've got it in my garage right now. Any idea of the $ value it holds?
We saw it as part of a display at the Hockey Hall of Fame last fall.
Jim p at April 11, 2010 20:59 said:
my copywright says 1968
JPLemme at February 2, 2008 20:25 said:
My 8-year old and I just finished playing this game a few minutes ago (the game was my father's). He beat me 2-0. :-)

I always thought that too many shots scored because it's too easy to skate in close around the defense.
Harvey Beaudoin at January 26, 2008 15:41 said:
I remember buying this game back in the mid '60s at J.m. Fields. Great game from 3M. A group of teenagers who invaded my apartment in 1970-71 loved to play it and 3M's "Major League Baseball.

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