Speed Circuit - Grand Prix Auto Racing

Speed Circuit

3M Company - 1972
2-6 Players


Speed Circuit is a game of grand prix auto racing. Players have a choice of racing on one of three courses; Monza, Watkin's Glen or Monaco.

At the start of the race the players select a car and draw a card giving the performance characteristics of their car. These characteristics give the acceleration, deceleration, top speed and "wear" ratings for the car. (Wear is used to allow a car to temporarily exceed its limits). The cars are then placed on the track and the players take turns maneuvering their cars around the course. If they attempt to take corners too fast or otherwise exceed the safe operating limits of their cars there is a chance of a spinout or crash. The winner is the first player to cross the finish line.


This is another game which is fairly simple to learn but seems to be quite realistic. There is little chance involved, the players must carefully manuver their cars around the course in order to win. Advantages are given for following the correct "line" through turns and for "drafting" behind another car.

The small metal cars are very well done and the game board (showing all three race courses is quite good as well. The 3M Sports Game line had uniformly high quality components and this game is an excellent example of that and of the series.

6 comments on Speed Circuit:

Mike Trevisan at October 8, 2013 18:27 said:
We have had up to 12 players playing this game. It is my all time favorite. Keeps you on the edge of your seat when you have lots of guys racing. We had a number of series (my brother winning most of them) We would have a number of tracks(7) we raced every year, as well we would vote on another 7 to make fourteen races. Was always a blast.
arch at April 13, 2013 06:45 said:
Have you ever tried lap times to qualify for start positions in a race ? I use a simple formula that seems to work, all though it is based on the old Le Mans game.
I am not sure it will work for your system , try it.
How formula works :
Count the number of spaces for the shortest amount to complete one lap on the track. [Start to finish] Add one space to that count [passed finish line] Count the number of game turns that are used to complete the lap. Divide the spaces by the turns and round off to two decimal pionts. Multiply that figure by [11] eleven and this will give you miles per hour qualifying speed
Example :
Squares per lap 179
Game turns used 18
Decimal figure 9.94
Times eleven X 11
Equals Mile Per Hour Lap Time 109.34
Baron McCausland at July 11, 2012 15:54 said:
LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Avalon Hill's 'Le Mans' was the first auto racing simulation I played, and then discovered 3M's SPEED CIRCUIT about 5 years later.

SPEED CIRCUIT is vastly superior to Le Mans - though Le Mans has a different feel - both are good games, but SPEED CIRCUIT is far and away the better game!
Alex at August 17, 2010 22:51 said:
Check out Grand Prix-cision Racing at http://cryhavocgames.net/GrandPrixcisionRacing.htm It's Speed Circuit for the PC (and it's free).
Dave Noonan at November 20, 2008 07:50 said:
You can download some homemade tracks from Boardgame Geek (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/1194).
curt young at August 19, 2008 16:11 said:
there r many more race courses available from the international formula i circuit. they were an avalon hill extra.

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