Snare - A Game of Lines and Loops


A Game of Lines and Loops

3M Company - 1974
2 Players


Snare is played on a grid resembling a checkerboard. Half of the squares are shaded and contain a circle, the others are blank.

Players alternate turns. Each turn, a player may make one of the three moves shown to the right in any unshaded square on the board. When a move is made which completely surrounds one or more of the shaded squares the player making the move marks all of the circles as belonging to them.

Players continue to alternate moves until all shaded squares have been captured. The player capturing the most shaded squares is the winner.


This is one of the more interesting games in the paper games line and one of the ones that shows the most depth. You actually have to think several moves in advance and have to be careful not to make a move which sets up your opponent to capture several squares. This is probably my favorite game in the paper games line.

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Ski at March 2, 2013 18:39 said:
I found the worksheets while cleaning a drawer. I don't unerstand the moves. Is it like the dot game where you connect the dots and put your initial in the square you make? Why the strange markings? What's the diferance between A, B, or C?

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