Plasm - A Spreading, Surrounding, Swallowing Game


A Spreading, Surrounding, Swallowing Game

3M Company - 1974
2 Players


Plasm is played on a grid of pentagons. Scattered among the pentagons are a series of two, three and five pointed shapes which are shaded.

The players take turns making either an "X" or an "O" in the pentagons. Their first move can be anywhere, but subsequent moves must be connected to a pentagon which they have already claimed.

Points are scored by surrounding the shaded areas. The player who claims the last pentagon surrounding the shaded area claims it by putting their mark inside the area. Shaded areas are scored by the number of points they have.

Play continues until all of the shaded areas have been claimed. The player with the highest point total wins.

Plasm is one of the more complex of the paper games and is one of the more interesting. It would probably be an interesting game to take on a long vehicle trip.

2 comments on Plasm:

Tony Raven at May 19, 2013 15:44 said:
I've had some of these in my game box for years, & looking through your 3M reviews I just now realized that Plasm derives from a Penrose aperiodic tesselation, something I studied 25 years ago. (Yeah, I know: once a geek, always a geek.) Thanks for more info on the 3M lines.
Eli at June 14, 2012 00:25 said:
Thanx! I had fogotten how to play, but I still have the pad of paper. I also have Nab, and another.

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