Naval Battle - A Tactical Game of Survival

Naval Battle

A Tactical Game of Survival

3M Company - 1974
2 Players


Naval Battle represents a conflict between two fleets of ships. Each player starts with a fleet consisting of a Battleship, a Cruiser, two Destroyers and two Submarines. They secretly record the positions of their ships by drawing them on a 10 by 10 grid. Battleships are five blocks in length, Cruisers four, Destroyers three and Submarines two.

The players then start firing at each other. A player fires a shot by calling out a pair of grid coordinates (like A-7). Their opponent then tells them if the shot was a hit or a miss. When all of the blocks making up the ship has been hit that ship is sunk. A player receives a number of shots equal to the strength of their largest remaining ship.

Players take turns firing salvos until one player has had all of their ships sunk. The surviving player is the winner.

Naval Battle is, of course, better known as Battleship. It is a classic design and one of the better pencil and paper games around but it is still a fairly basic game.

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