Octrix - Absorbing and Unusual Game of Eights


Absorbing and Unusual Game of Eights

3M Company - 1970
2-4 Players


Octrix is a card game. The object is to win the most rounds with bonus points being scored for winning sequential rounds.

Octrix uses a standard deck of playing cards, but only the ace through eight of each suit. Each player is given eight cards and an "Octrix Board". The Octrix Board has a row for each number (ace through eight) and a column for each suit (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds). The players look at the cards in their hands and then place a marker on the position on their Octrix Board corresponding to each of their cards. The boards are visible to the other players, so each player knows what cards the other players have in their hands.

Each turn, the players all play cards face down which are then revealed. On the first round the highest card played (regardless of suit) wins the round. The cards that have been played have their markers removed from the Octrix Boards and the winner of the round gets a card with the round number on it.

The cards played in a round determine if the highest or lowest card will win the next round. If the highest and lowest card are the same color the highest card will win in the next round. If they are different then the lowest card will win in the next round.

The game continues for eight rounds. Individual rounds are worth one point each but sequential rounds are scored as the square of the number of sequential rounds won. So, winning round one is only worth one point, but winning rounds three, four and five (three in a row) is worth nine points.

The first player to reach 88 points is the winner.


Octrix is a somewhat interesting variation on Bridge but that is about it. There is no reason for the cards to be limited to ace through eight except for the "octal" theme of the game. The boards showing the cards in each player's hands are interesting as is the high/low card determination, but the scoring system seems needlessly complicated for such a simple game. Overall a somewhat interesting change of pace but not something that I could see playing on a regular basis.

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