Foil - Challenging Game of Words and Wits


Challenging Game of Words and Wits

3M Company - 1970
2-4 Players


Foil is a word game. Players are dealt cards, each of which has a letter on it. Without showing their cards to the other players each player attempts to form their cards into as many words as possible. Each player, in turn, draws additional cards and discards cards until one player is able to form all of the cards in their hand into words. The players then scramble the cards they were able to use and place them in front of them. The players then have five minutes to determine what words the other players have formed. The players score points for forming words, for determining what the other player's words are and for forming additional words from the other player's cards that the other players missed. After three rounds the player with the highest score is the winner.


This is another game which sounds easy until you try to do it with the timer running. During the first part of the round when cards are being drawn it is easy to get too focused on trying to form one particular word and miss several others. It is amazing how many words that other players will come up with that you missed. An interesting word game.

(There is also a bookshelf version of this game.)

6 comments on Foil:

christie at August 9, 2012 17:55 said:
I have this game, cards still in the plastic. never used. for sale on craigslist/omaha
david at July 9, 2011 14:07 said:
i had this game when i was a teenager in the 1970's.
the funnest part was scrambling the letters for your opponents to unscramble- it involved real psychology of putting together suggestive letter combinations that their brains could not resist, but that were not the correct solutions. and once in awhile putting out letters that did not make a word. there i s apenalty for that, but it left you opponents doubtful whetehr to waste time on some of your difficult real words later in the game.
i want the game for my kids now, but i'm afarid a 2nd hand one would be terribly worn and missimg cards.
i'm gonna see if i can learn the letter districution and scoring; then make my own.
anna at January 21, 2010 15:37 said:
I'd like to obtain this game.
Could someone tell me if and where it is still for sale.If you can help me with this please leave a message at
Alyce Free March 15,2009 at March 15, 2009 18:28 said:
I have been playing this game since 1974.
My best friend introduced it to me.
Now I have introduced it to my daughter.
Long live Foiling around!!!
Jodie at August 9, 2008 12:02 said:
game for smart women maybe. It takes a lot of good brain power to win.
emily at June 16, 2008 23:17 said:
i saw this at a flea market, had no idea how it was played. the box i saw didn't advertise the game as "stimulating" though. why is this a game of women?

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