Point of Law - An Exciting Involvement Game

Point of Law

An Exciting Involvement Game

3M Company - 1972
Any Number of Players


Point of Law is best described as a trivia game based on the legal system. Any number of players can play. A summary of a court case (from a book of 100) is read aloud to the players along with four possible outcomes. The players discuss the case among themselves, then decide which of the outcomes is the correct one.

The actual result of the case is then looked up. Each player who reached the same verdict as the court receives a good result. Those who selected a legally valid outcome, but one other than the one the court reached, get a fair result. Players who selected a legally invalid outcome get a poor result. Players get points based on which outcome they selected. They get additional points if their outcome was the one selected by the majority of the players even if that outcome is an incorrect one. The game runs for ten cases and the player with the most points at the end of that time is the winner.

Point of Law is a different subject than your typical trivia game. It is apparently based on a radio show of the same name. The fact that the players discuss the case among themselves adds an involvement level normally missing from most trivia games and increases the social aspect of the game. The same discussions would probably make the game useful for educational purposes.

The only downside to the game is that there are only 100 cases and so after ten games you really can't play anymore (unless you have a really bad memory). Expansion sets would take care of this but I don't know if any were ever produced. Also, the only really important part of the game is the book; nothing else in the box (score pads and a master scoreboard) is really necessary.

3 comments on Point of Law:

john carroll at January 22, 2010 10:54 said:
i have used this game for over 30 years in my classes with 6 7 and 8 graders---they love it
john in omaha ne at January 21, 2009 08:08 said:
i have used this game for years with my kids to have social interaction
Brian in Fargo at August 4, 2008 19:43 said:
I have a copy of this game and I pull it out time to time when friends come over. Even if it is somewhat dated, we still find it fun to sit around and discuss why we came to our verdicts.

I personally believe that this is a much better way to get to know your friends than sitting around and playing Wii, Xbox or Playstation...and I'm a twenty-something!

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