Image - The Who, What, Where and When Game


The Who, What, Where and When Game

3M Company - 1967
2-6 Players


Another trivia game, the object of Image is to identify famous people by their "personality profiles".

Each player is dealt a hand of five cards. The cards are of five types; Place, Time, Activity (sports, religion, music, etc.), Status (dead, fictional, etc.) and Letter. In each turn, players start or extend "images" by playing cards on a track on the playing field. Each card they play must somehow relate to the person they have in mind. The image is made up of place, time, activity and status cards.

When a player thinks they know who the image is they play a letter card to end the image. The letter card must be the first letter of the last name of the person who the image is of. Points are scored based on how many image cards were played before the player named the identity of the person.

As an example of an image, the following cards have been played: Europe, Government, Pre-17th Century, Head of State, Dead, Religion, England. The image is of Henry VIII and the ending letter card would be H.

There is a major problem with this game and that is that the images that are created by the game are so vague that most of them could probably apply to any number of people. Consider the example above (which is from the rules booklet). The same profile could easily fit Richard the Lionhearted (the Crusades arguably being the religious reference in the image). The situation is vague enough that arguments could easily break out between players.

This game (like Events, which it shares many characteristics with) is one of 3M's weakest entries. It is really a card game; the oversized plastic playing mat does nothing for the game and looks kind of cheap to boot. An interesting idea, but one that really doesn't work that well.

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