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Ultimate Golf is a boardgame representation of the game of golf. The players make their way through a course composed of 18 holes selected from the top rated golf courses of the world. Each hole is printed on a large cardboard board, one on each side.

To start the game, each player takes a pair of vinyl Ball Markers and a deck of Club Cards. The Ball Markers stick lightly to the board and are used to mark the location of the ball. The Club Cards come in three types; Woods, Irons and "Specialty Situation Cards" (Greenside Bunker, Fairway Bunker, Recovery and Chip Shots, and Putting).

A player starts by placing a Ball Marker on the Tee and lining up the shot with the "Shot Locater". The Shot Locater is a two-piece cardboard device consisting of a base which is marked with angles and a sliding piece marked with distance indicators. The player lines up their shot by putting the base over their ball and adjusting the sliding part of the locater so that it aims in the direction they wish the ball to go. They then select a club card and place it in front of them. The club cards each contain a chart showing the results of a hit with that club. The player rolls two dice and compares the result to the chart. This tells them how far to move the sliding part of the marker and the angle to which it is to be set. The player then puts their second ball marker at the end of the locater, picks up their first marker and ends their turn.

When a player lands on the green they use the Putting card to determine the number of strokes it takes to complete the hole. The other Specialty Cards are used when the situations they cover arise.

Play continues through all 18 holes. Certain special rules apply for some of the holes, mostly dealing with hazards on that hole. When all 18 holes are complete the player with the lowest number of strokes is the winner.


Ultimate Golf calls itself "The Ultimate Game" and the boards representing the various holes are well done. However, the rest of the game does not hold up as well. The rules are adequate but somewhat on the simplistic side, completely ignoring wind and other effects. The shot locater is made of heavy paper but consists of two parts which are constantly being moved. I suspect it would rapidly tear in even moderate usage. Given the production values of the rest of the game the locater looks flimsy and cheap; a plastic locater would have been much more preferable. (The rules only list one locater as being included but mine had two. Perhaps a late realization of the fact that the locator's are easily damaged?)

An interesting golf game, but one that looks better than it plays.

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Beto at August 27, 2011 16:37 said:
which are the game instructions?.
how to play?
ejfurdyna@yahoo.com at June 10, 2010 11:08 said:

I have a complete ultimate golf game, in box, unused.
Great lithos, all instructions, complete sheet of vinyl balls (24) and, unlike the author, a plastice, two piece, shot locator (it resembles a slide rule). I'm of the opinion that the author of this site may have copies of the original locator that a previous owner had made. I am selling this edition and will consider offers here before I to to eBay. Ed
Matt Johnson at March 28, 2010 12:53 said:
Matt Johnson at March 28, 2010 10:36 said:
I just found this board game in a pile of other games and started looking into it. Looks very fun once I get used to it but the instructions seem so inadequate. Unlike what you said, I feel confused. Especially by the "Sand Wedge" card which has increments of feet from flag pole instead of yards from original position. I have the 1985 manual and I'm wondering if you have an updated or better version of the instructions or maybe a tool of some kind for measurement or perhaps just advice. Thank you
Bob Kodish at January 4, 2009 09:18 said:
I have a game but do not have the instructions. Please send of copy or reference site for the directions to the game.

Thank you,
Bob Kodish

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