Convoy - The Naval War Game


Convoy represents a battle between two naval fleets. Players take turns shooting at each others hidden ships in an attempt to sink their opponents fleet before losing their own fleet.

The players start by arranging their ships (Carriers, Battleships, Torpedo Boats and Submarines) on a 10 by 10 grid. Each square of the grid is identified by a letter-number pair (like A7 or G3).

Once the ships are arranged the players take turns shooting at each other's ships. They do this by calling out a letter-number pair. The other player then responds either "hit" or "miss" to indicate if the shot hit a ship or not. Each player fires one shot then the other player takes a shot.

When all of the grid squares occupied by a ship have been hit that ship is "sunk". The game ends when one player has had all of their ships sunk. The player with remaining ships is the winner.


Yes, Convoy is just another version of the classic pencil and paper game Battleship. This one has the advantage of a fairly nice set of components. The plastic grid frames are nice as are the the ships and markers (which are shaped like tiny "bombs"). Still, it is a pencil and paper game at heart, though one of the better ones around.

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