Atlantis - Escape From the Sinking Island


The Dramatic Escape from the Sinking Island

Schmidt Spiele - Under Licence from Waddington Games
2 - 4 Players; Ages 8 - 88


The island of Atlantis is sinking and the players are attempting to get as many of their people to safety as possible. They not only have to escape from the island but they have to brave the dangers of the ocean in order to reach the safety of the lands beyond.

The game begins with the construction of the island of Atlantis. The island consists of three parts, the coast, the forest and the mountain. The three parts form three concentric rings with the final peak, or citadel, in the center. Once the island is assembled the players take turns placing their figures on the sections of the island.

Once setup is complete the players take turns moving their figures and sinking the island. A player may make up to three moves in one turn; either by moving one figure three spaces or three figures one space each or a combination thereof. Figures in the water are swimmers and can only move one space per turn. However, boats can hold three figures and move up to three spaces per turn on water.

When the player has finished moving their people for the turn they sink part of the island. One of the island sections is removed and any figures on it become swimmers in the water. Then, the underside of the island section is examined to see what is left in its place. This can be either a whirlpool (which destroys all island sections, boats, people and creatures in the surrounding six hexes), a boat (which can be used to carry people) or a creature.

There are four types of creature. Sharks eat swimmers but ignore boats. Kraken sink boats turning its occupants into swimmers but ignore swimmers. Sea Monsters eat both boats and swimmers. Finally, dolphins protect swimmers from other creatures.

Play continues until the last island section, the citadel, is sunk. The player who has managed to get most of their people to safety is the winner.


Atlantis is loads of fun. It plays like something out of an old B-movie, with sea monsters rising up to attack ships and desperate people fighting for the chance to get on a boat to safety. The movement rules allow players to plan their moves carefully while the appearance and movement of the creatures is random enough to keep things from getting predictable. With the right group of people this one can be even more fun, with players making the proper sound effects as marauding kraken sink ships and swimmers are sucked into whirlpools. A fun game.

3 comments on Atlantis:

Barench at April 25, 2012 23:26 said:
This is the same game as Survive. Actually quite fun.
michelle at March 28, 2011 14:06 said:
nice game but sad too
butter face at January 28, 2008 09:30 said:
cool game!!!

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