Project KGB: The Double Agent

Project KGB: The Secret Formula

A Spy Training Game

House of Games - 1973
3 - 4 Players; Ages 10 - Adult


The players in Project KGB are spies. One of them is a double agent who is attempting to sabotage the security monitors in an installation. The other players are trying to determine the identity of the double agent.

At the start of play the nine "security monitors" are set to their "on" position. Each monitor consists of two rotating sections with a groove in them. If the grooves are aligned the monitor is on. If they are not aligned, it is off. Once the monitors are placed the players draw cards to determine who will be the double agent. The results of the cards are kept secret.

Each player then gets 15 seconds alone with the board, either by having the other players leave the room or by simply having them turn their back on the table. The double agent takes this time to secretly switch one of the monitors "off". The other players do nothing during this time.

All players start in the Gazebo and move through the compound. They move according to the roll of two dice and may move in any direction either horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally). They may only move between rooms or other areas through doors or gates.

When a player ends their turn in a room or area with a monitor they may examine the monitor to see if it is on or off. The double agent can take this opportunity to turn the monitor from on to off. (They may not turn monitors that are off back on.) To keep this secret, all players must rotate the monitors whenever they pick them up to examine them. The players who are not the double agent must leave the monitor in the state in which they found it.

Once the double agent has switched off five monitors they must attempt to leave the board by any gate. If they do, that player is the winner. Other players may attempt to prevent this by determining the identity of the double agent. If a player thinks they know who the double agent is they must land on the same square as the one containing their suspect (though it is not necessary to land by exact count). When they do, the accused agent must show them the card they drew at the start of the game. If the suspect is the double agent then the accusing player is the winner. If not, the accusing player is out of the game and play continues.

The game ends when the double agent is either caught or escapes.


Like its companion game, Project CIA, Project KGB is more interesting because of its theme than in its actual execution. Too much about the game seems haphazard to me. The initial setup seems especially bad since the non-double agent players could easily take the time to quickly check a few monitors to give them a possible edge. There is also nothing to prevent non-double agent players from turning off monitors or turning them back on to confuse the other players. (Yes, all of these are against the rules but they are pretty much unenforceable.)

For a much better game with a similar feel I would recommend Scotland Yard over this one.

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