The Case of the Elusive Assassin - An Ellery Queen Mystery Game

The Case of the Elusive Assassin

An Ellery Queen Mystery Game

Ideal's Famous Mystery Classics Series
Ideal - 1968
2 - 4 Players


The Case of the Elusive Assassin is another detective game, this one inspired by the Ellery Queen novels. An assassin has escaped and the players are attempting to locate the assassin's hiding place.

The board is divided into 36 sectors. Each sector is identified by a set of characteristics; its Geographic Region (North, South, East or West), its "Character" (Urban, Industrial or Rural) and its "Natural Feature" (Lake, Forest or Mountain). Thus there is, for example, an Urban-Forest sector in the North region and an Industrial-Lake sector in the West region. Every sector is identified by a unique combination of these three values.

There are "Sector Cards" corresponding to each of the 36 sectors. At the start of the game, one of these cards is chosen at random and put aside. This is the assassin's hiding place. The remaining cards are distributed to the players.

Each turn, the players move about the board from one sector to another. They may only move between two sectors if there is a road connecting them. When they enter a new sector they may ask one player to show them all of the sector cards in their hand containing any two of the three identifiers of the sector they are in. For example, a player arriving in the Northern Urban Forest sector above could ask to see all of the Northern-Urban, Northern-Forest or Urban-Forest cards in another player's hand.

When a player thinks they know where the assassin's hiding place is they announce the sector they think the assassin is in and look at the card chosen at the start of the game. If they are correct they are the winner. If not, the card is put back aside and that player is out of the game. They must still show cards when requested but they may make no further moves themselves. The first player to correctly identify the sector containing the assassin is the winner.


This game is another variation of the classic Clue. Instead of Suspect-Location-Weapon (Mr. Green in the Kitchen with the Candlestick) they have to determine a location (Northern Industrial Forest) but the play and the logic involved are the same. An interesting game but the gameplay is not as unique as that in the other games of the series.

The Case of the Elusive Assassin is part of Ideal's Mystery Classics series, which also includes Murder on the Orient Express, Fu Manchu's Hidden Horde and Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

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Anonymous at November 6, 2008 20:24 said:
An assassin is always very difficult to find.Even more difficult their hiding place.A very interesting game.

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