Enchanted Forest - A Treasure Hunt for All the Family

Enchanted Forest

A Treasure Hunt for All the Family

Ravensburger - 1982
2 - 6 Players; Ages 8 - Adult


Enchanted Forest is a treasure hunt through the land of fairy tales. The players are searching for magical items (such as Cinderella's slippers or the Crown of the King of the Frogs) which are hidden under the trees in the forest. At any time the ruler of the castle is searching for one item, indicated by the card which is turned up in the castle space. The players move around the board according to the roll of the dice. Whenever they land on the space with a tree they can pick up that tree and look at the treasure underneath it.

When they have discovered the tree hiding the treasure they move to the castle. When they land on the "key" space they announce the tree under which the treasure is hidden and show the tree to the other players. If they are correct they get the treasure card from the castle and the next card is turned over. If not they are sent back to the village to start again.

In their travels if a player lands on the space occupied by another player that player is sent back to the village to start over again. If they roll doubles while rolling the dice they may perform "magic". Magic lets the player look under any tree or move themselves directly to the castle.

The first player to find three treasures is the winner.


Enchanted Forest is, in many ways, a version of The Memory Game . The players gradually learn the locations of the treasures under the trees but must remember the locations over the course of the game. While probably too simple for adults the simple play and fairy tale themes make it quite good for younger children.

14 comments on Enchanted Forest:

S at September 8, 2013 12:00 said:
Just found our old game and was wondering what the card with the old lady, girl, and pillow was from? I know of all the other stories except that one
Jonas at December 1, 2012 19:26 said:
You can get the original instructions directly from the Ravensburger site: http://www.ravensburger.com/spielanleitungen/ecm/Spielanleitungen/Enchanted_Forest.pdf
James at August 1, 2012 07:36 said:
Game rules can be found on this page:
Cindy at May 20, 2011 20:53 said:
The Horseshoe space is for doubles. The player may opt to land on the Horseshoe or a tree space.
Cindy at May 20, 2011 20:51 said:
Our family loves this game. We have been playing it since our daughter was in kindergarten. All her friends love it too. Really fun.
Your friend at March 16, 2011 19:20 said:
Instruction are basically written all on top
Lucy at December 19, 2010 16:50 said:
We've just picked up this game but no instructions. Worked everything else out but what does the horseshoe space do, we'd love to know. xx
Chris at November 18, 2010 03:54 said:
I've just re discovered our old game of sagaland that we used to play when we were kids... Only problem is, there's no instructions in the box... does anyone out there have the instruction still??
corina at July 13, 2010 19:06 said:
such great descriptions - thank you,
what does it mean when the player lands on the horse shoe?
missy at October 18, 2009 01:48 said:
Ehan> I always played - When the same number is rolled you can either go that number of spaces or you can go directly into the castle to guess the card.

Rebecca - only the person who lands on the tree looks.

The card illustrations are so amazing for this game!! love it
Ehan at August 9, 2009 21:15 said:
What happens when a the same number is rolled
rebecca at January 12, 2009 14:21 said:
We don't have the instructions to the game.. do you let everyone see the treasure under the tree or just yourself? thanks for the help!
Janie at October 29, 2007 21:05 said:
This was a very popular game with my 2 girls when they were young and we often played it together as a family.Now I play it with other children, at school, and they just LOVE it! It's not THAT simple and certainly the brain needs to think hard to remember where the magical treasures are hidden. Such glee when a child gets it right!!
Amanda at October 13, 2007 16:44 said:
This was my absolute favorite game as a child. I would reccommend it to anyone looking for a somewhat rare game!

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